I’m not going anywhere, but goodbye nontheless.

December 1, 2011 4 comments

I figured I’d just make a little post here giving anyone who checks this a heads up.  I will be closing down this blog within a month or so.  I know this is no huge loss since it hasn’t been updated with any meaningful content in months, aside from some great articles by Evan Paul.  I really appreciate everyone who read and commented on my entries.


My heart is still in it, but as of late I have become incapable of supporting my L5R habit financially in a way that I would like.  I never really considered myself a great player, and still don’t, but I feel that I had a somewhat good feel for the environment.  But being unemployed for all of 2012 and the stress of job-hunting in one of the worst cities for unemployment in the country (Tampa-Orlando area) has kept me from being as fanatical as I would like.  My entries (especially my later ones) took hours of writing and custom imagework… I really poured my heart and soul into every update.  For that reason, I have never been able to put up articles that I feel would be bland, or just “phoned in”.  I was unable to go to Gencon (or worlds for that matter) and after months of a slow season for local games, I’ve become utterly disconnected from the meta and thus would be incapable of delivering those articles that would be up to the level of quality that I hold myself to.


So instead of letting this site spiral into the black hole of internet nothingness that has claimed many other blogs and fanpages across the net, I’ve decided to at least be forthright with you all and close it all down formally.  I’m still going to be a part of the L5R community (I’m relatively active on the AEG forums under the username AmazingSleep) and of course I’m still managing and maintaining The Forgotten Bay, the community forums for the Southeast US playerbase.  I still head judge all our events down here and am looking forward to EE as much as you all.  Maybe in the future, in better times, you’ll see me pop up again writing some articles for one of the many other L5R blogs and fansites.  But in the meantime, it’s been an absolute PLEASURE to write for you guys, and I am so happy to have met so many great people in the community through this blog.  I look forward to seeing more of you in the future.  Don’t be afraid to look me up.



3 UP, 3 DOWN – The 3 Most (And Least) Successful Themes of Celestial Edition. PART 1

August 23, 2011 4 comments

Part 1

Before we begin let me apologize for the lack of articles in this space for the last couple months. This is where I patronizingly inform you that we have real lives to get to before we can write essays about magical samurai. I myself have been studying for medical boards (done, kicked its ass), and testing for Gen Con (done, went 4-3 in the main event so no ass kicking to speak of). But you don’t really care about any of this, you have a real life too after all and now you’re thinking about how its a waste of your free time to even read this paragraph. I guess before I got off track this before this last sentence I was trying to say sorry for the wait, but we have some good stuff lined up for you in the next few weeks though including some essays from me and a little documentary by Corey. Anthony will I’m sure be adding one of his strategy articles soon as well.


So what’s the tip this week?


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The Top 10 Most Environment Shifting Cards of Celestial (Part 2)

May 18, 2011 5 comments

Missed part 1?

Part 2

When we last left our courageous hero (me) we had been extolling the virtues (vices) of Ta“Egg-Man”Mago.  For the reasons I listed before, he was ridiculous enough on his own but what if I told you there was a way to buy him…IN THE ACTION PHASE OF YOUR OWN TURN 2?!?!?…well, actually, you sort of know that you can already but…just look down ok?

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The Top 10 Most Environment Shifting Cards of Celestial (Part 1)

May 9, 2011 6 comments

(Editor Note:  We here at the F5 Generation are proud to post the first article by Evan “Velo” Paul, an accomplished player from the Tennessee area whose tournament performance more than speaks for itself.  Evan wants to help grow the community of this great game and we are honored to give him the opportunity to reach all you fans out in cyber space!  Enjoy the article and please feel free to leave any comments for Evan at the bottom!)

Part 1

As the sun rises on Emperor Edition so also it must set on Celestial, but its been a fun ride.  I didn’t start playing this game until the beginning of Samurai Edition, so one can argue that I’ve experienced nothing but relatively balanced and slow environments.  Still, this is not to say that Celestial has been puppy league.  On the contrary, we’ve seen a lot of peaks and valleys in this arc when it comes to the most powerful elements of the game and the meta which becomes necessary to combat them.  As a send-off to Celestial, I thought it would be interesting to take a time-line based approach and mark the ten cards which I believe caused larger shifts in the environment than any other. Read more…

Status update from the F5!

April 29, 2011 1 comment

Sorry for the wait everyone, I know that you have been just dieing to hear from the guys here at the F5!  We apologize that this has taken some time to get to you, but instead of just hiding behind empty apologies, I figured that I owed it to you, my wonderful devoted fans, to give some details about what happened, and where we are going! Read more…

The Third Hand: Anthony “Kakita Hideo” Padron’s 2011 Tampa Kotei Report

April 11, 2011 2 comments

Well the Kotei is over and I’m glad to say that our own Richard Walling has won with his Spider Breeder.  I’m looking forward to getting his battle report up on the site as soon as possible and hope that you all come back and read it.  I didn’t finish where I hoped but sometimes you just don’t get there.  I finished 4-3 but I feel that it could have easily been 6-1 if I get a few breaks.  The deck is consistent and has very few bad match-ups.  I had it tuned to beat military and straight dishonor. Unfortunately my losses came to the hands of the decks weakness, fittingly Kakita Hideo xp. He’s so good…and so manly… Read more…

The Third Hand: Deck Construction (Part 2)

April 10, 2011 4 comments

Part 1

Welcome back for part 2 of Deck Construction.  We left off last time without including events and regions and for good reason.  I usually don’t work on these two till after I’ve begun tinkering with the fate side of the deck.  My reasoning for this is that I use events to fill in weak spots that would otherwise clog up too much room on my fate side.  Having said that, lets get started! Read more…